NGV Day 2014

25 June 2014 09:00
The Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon

With a wide range of Natural Gas Trucks and Buses now available in the UK, NGV Day 2014 on 25th June 2014 will highlight the NGV Market opportunities.  We are expecting over 200 industry professionals to attend with exhibition stands and key stakeholders in the NGV Industry including vehicle manufacturers, LNG suppliers, gas grid owners and representatives from the compression industry.











It’s easy to make a business case for running trucks and buses on Natural Gas in the UK and here are some of the reasons why:
• Gas has never been so cheap in relation to oil prices
• The UK Government has fixed tax on gas relative to diesel for the next 10 years
• Trucks are already available that run on CNG/LNG
• MAN and Scania selling CNG buses in UK (The UK can expect to see eight new CNG stations in 2014-15)
• Gas gives out 25% lower CO2 than oil
• National Grid (Isle of Grain) is putting-in LNG Road Tanker Loading Facilities from 2015
• The GDNs are making it easier to connect to 6,000 km of 30 bar Local Transmission System, perfect for CNG
• The Biomethane market is booming with 130,000 tonnes to be injected into UK gas grid in 2015
• Diesel is harmful to health

See the attached documents for further information about the event:

Downloadable PDF with Booking Instructions NGV_day_2014_full_WEB.pdf

Event Schudule and Speaker List NGV Day 2014 Conference Agenda.pdf

All attendees will receive a briefing pack and have the opportunity to talk face-to-face with speakers and exhibitors. To book click here.