NGV Network

Welcome to the EU Skills NGV Network

The EU Skills Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Network is about providing training support for growth, to small and medium sized businesses working in the NGV sector. 

If you're interested in join this unique network take a look at our video to find out how the NGV Network can support your busines.

The NGV Network is unique in that it acts as an ‘industry expert’ for natural gas which covers businesses working in fuel supply, natural gas storage, Biomethane, natural gas conversions and alternative gas, including Shale Gas.  The network is fully supported by UK NGV Manufacturers.

The NGV Network has been created; to expand the benefits of alternative fuel, transfer industry knowledge, establish industry standards, create technical training and deliver natural gas growth to commercial and privately owned vehicles in the UK before 2030.

The Network is nothing without the support of its members and we value your input.

Please feel free to contact the EU Skills NGV Network for support or to make a contribution on topics relating to your industry. 

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