About the Network

Having received feedback from the NGV community, Energy & Utility Skills recognised a need for a network such as this to bring the industry together. The purpose of the NGV Network is to attract experts and organisations either directly involved in, or supporting the NGV industry. These experts and organisations can network and collaborate to create better products, influence policy makers, develop greater skills and ultimately; drive the industry forward.


So EU Skills got to work with the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), who agreed to provide the considerable resources required to build the Network on behalf of its members. Without this support, most organisations could not afford the time or expense of building these foundations and getting this project off the ground.

This means that the Network is being provided to its members for free. It also means that there will be no membership costs until the end of 2014; by which time we cover the basic admin costs to keep the Network going by asking each member to make a reasonable annual contribution. Once the UKCES funding comes to an end, every member will be made aware of the costs of continuing the Network and will be given the choice whether or not they wish to remain a part of the NGV Network. Many of the large companies directly involved in the NGV industry have already joined the Network, but there is plenty of room for more, especially the hundreds of SME's that support the NGV industry.

Structure and Organisation