Download resources

We have put together a number of free resouces that you can take advantage of and download for free.

A practical pocket guide for the Waste industry - [PDF]


IAuditor App

The iAuditor App is an audit checklist which gives you the opportunity to check over your workplaces - to make them safer and healthier workplaces - download the free App developed for the Waste Industry.

Download documentation here [Doc]


Toolbox Talks

A Toolbox talk is a short presentation that can be used by the workforce that focuses on a single aspect of health and safety.  Below are a number of preprepared toolbox talks free to use courtesy of Hills Waste Solution.  Each Toolbox talk contains a Powerpoint presentation, Presenter notes and a Test and scroll down the page for further useful resources - training material, HR, videos. 


Contol of susbstances hazardous to health

COSHH Powerpoint slides

COSHH Presenter notes


Fire safety in the workpalce

Fire safety Powerpoint slides

Fire safety Presenter notes

Fire safety Test

Electrical safety in the workplace

Electrical safety Powerpoint slides

Electrical saferty Presenter notes

Electrical safety Test

Slips, Trips and Falls in the workplace

Slips, Trips and Falls Powerpoint slides

Slips, Trips and Falls Presenter notes

Slips, Trips and Falls Test

Manual handling in the workplace

Manual handling Powerpoint slides

Manual handling Presenter notes

Manual handling Test

Health & Safety Systems

Health & Safety Powerpoint slides

Health & Safety Presenter notes

Health & Saftey Test

Spills of polluting materials

Spills of polluting materials Powerpoint slides

Spills of polluting materials Presenter notes

Spills of polluting materials Test

Inspections, Maintenance, Repairs & Events

Inspections, maintenance, repairs & events Powerpoint slides

Inspections, maintenance, repairs & events Presenter notes

Inspections, maintenance, repairs & events Test

MRF operations

MRF operations Powerpoint slides

MRF operations Presenter notes

MRF operations Test

Root cause analysis

Root cause analysis Powerpoint slides

Root cause analysis Presenter notes

Root cause analysis Test

Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment Powerpoint slides

Personal protective equipment Presenter notes

Personal protective equipment Test

Permit compliance

Permit compliance Powerpoint slides

Permit compliance Presenter notes

Permit compliance Test

Environmental accident plans

Environmental accident plans Powerpoint slides

Environmental accident plans Presenter notes

Environmental accident Test

Managing contractors

Managing contractors Powerpoint slides

Managing contractors Presenter notes

Managing contractors Test


Nuisances Powerpoint slides

Nuisances Presenter Presenter notes

Nuisances Test

Complaints and compliments

Complaints and compliments Powerpoint slides

Complaints and compliments Presenter notes

Complaints and compliments Test


Resources for communication, driving & transportation

Dangerous Dave [Video]

Texting while driving [video]

Forklift driving - dangerous manoeuvres [Video]

In-vehicle cameras - Smartwitness - [Website]

Quarry Safe - [Website]


Resources for health & wellbeing

Safety - Hindsight - The Ken Woodward Story [Video]

Safety - It Will Never Happen To Me [Video]

Safety - Lattitude Productions [Videos can be purchased]

NHS [Website]

The back book & get back active support for bad back information [Book & DVD]

Occupations Health Services [PDF Guide]

WorkSafe BC - The Hearing Video [Video]

HSE - The real people video - [Video]


Resources for training courses

IOSH - Managing Safely [Training course - 3-5 days]

IOSH - Working Safely [Training course - 1day]

Waste Industry Training [Waste qualifications]

Asbestos Training [Training course]

First Aid Training [Training couse] or phone 0845 421 2492

Training & Support - [Website]

Health and Safety Training with RRC [Training Provider]


Resources for HR and personal development

Recuitment - Great answers to tough interview questions - [Website]

Build your own rainbow - Barrie Hopson & Mike Scally -[Book]

Career Anchors, 3rd edition - Edgar H Scein [Book]

HSE Publications catalogue [PDF]


Resources for site induction

The Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme [Website]

CSCS Card - [Webiste]

EUSR - Ensure you staff have the right qualifications for the job - [Website]


Resources for legislation, standards & bulletins

DEFRA - Waste & Regulations - [Website]

ISO Standards - [Website]

Employment Law - [Website]

Health & Safety Updates - [Website]

Health & Safety Executive - Waste WISH Forum [Website]

Waste Carriers Licence Applications & Permits - [Website]


Trade associations & professional bodies

Road Haulage Association - [Website]

Freight Transport Association - [Website]

Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) - [Website]

Health & Safety Executive - [Website]

Chartered Institute of Waste Management [Website]

National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) - [Website]

Environment Agency Public Register - [Website]

WRAP - [Website]


Recycling industry information

Recycling & Waste Management News - [Website]

Recycling & Waste Management Show - [Website]