‘University isn’t the only option’ says leading trade body ICOM

Young people across the country will today find out their A level results, some will have done better than expected, others not so well, but with record numbers of graduates fighting for jobs is university always the best option?


Ross Anderson, Director of ICOM, (Industrial and Commercial Energy Association), said “Why not earn while you learn? Apprenticeships provide on the job training and work experience for real jobs.
The Building Services Industry needs engineers that can design, install and service the equipment and systems found in commercial and industrial buildings.  We have a very skilled but ageing work force and we need to attract young people into the sector or very soon we will be facing a serious skills shortage.
Unfortunately our industry is often seen as unattractive and dirty, when the reality is quite different. There are lots of opportunities within this sector and scope for career progression. We need schools, careers officers and indeed parents to promote apprenticeships as a positive alternative to university rather than the ‘poor relation’.
According to an IPPR, (the Institute for Public Policy Research) report published yesterday, (13th August) 123,000 people were trained in the construction and engineering sectors for an advertised 275,000 jobs – that’s over 2 vacancies for every person trained. We need young people to start choosing apprenticeships that will offer a healthy and rewarding career.”
ICOM has identified the large skills gap and is working on ways to make building service apprenticeships more available.