Developments in Scotland for estimating the size of shale gas deposits

The British Geological Survey (BGS) is to begin work next year on estimating the size of shale gas deposits between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The move was confirmed by BGS's director of science and technology during an appearance before the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee.
Prof Mike Stephenson said BGS planned to start work after a study in south east England is completed in March.  The committee is examining the impact on energy policy of shale gas and oil.  BGS has already completed a study on a large part of the north of England, estimating the area contained 1,300 trillion cubic feet of deposits.  It is now working on an estimate for the amount of shale oil contained in the Weald in the south east of England.  
Prof Stephenson told the committee: "There are parts of Britain where there is no point in doing it because there is simply no shale.  There are other areas where it is worth a look.  The Weald - the south east of England - is being done at the moment, and we expect the results would be around March next year. The intention is to have a look at the Central Lowlands of Scotland after that, the area essentially between Edinburgh and Glasgow, between the two bounding faults of the mountains in the north and the uplands in the south. That would be the third area." 
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