EU Skills Network celebrates over 300 Members

Energy & Utility Skills Network (EU Skills Network) reached over 300 members for the first time since the SME Network’s website was launched in April.  

Congratulations to Andrew Williams, Bullfinch Gas Equipment Limited on becoming the Network’s 300th member.  Andrew signed up to the LP Gas Network in September and as a thank you he was recently awarded an iPad Mini by Neil Robertson, Chief Executive.
The EU Skills Network project is a series of employer-led regional networks providing support, advice, links to training providers and enabling the pooling and exchange of information, ideas and resources.  The Networks have regular contact in the shape of networking events, industry related meetings, training workshops, business meetings, online webinars or simply e-newsletters.
EU Skills Network is delighted with the number of small businesses signing up to the network, so far these include; Gas, LPG, Waste Management, NGV and Energy Efficiency & Renewables industries.  
To find out more about the project get in touch with Lucy Ritchie, Client Manager for SME’s or Deepti Bhangde, SME Sales Executive.