The Green Deal & ECO Awards 2014

The 2014 National Green Deal & ECO Awards will take place in London on the 29th May 2014, to recognise the achievements of companies involved in the Green Deal initiative and the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO).

EU Skills Networks has been nominated for another award for the Green Deal & Eco Training Course, in association with QMSA.  The award is Training Organisation of the Year which recognises the efforts of an organisation to provide Green Deal training to a consistently high standard.
Judges will consider evidence of the quality of the training provided, as well as any innovative approaches to training, and the scale and scope of the training provided.
Judging Criteria - The nominees for these awards must
1. Have carried out work training people for the Green Deal or ECO scheme
2. Have a customer or supplier who is willing to endorse them
3. Be certified as a trainer
4. Provide a statement as to the effectiveness of the nominated company in addressing the requirements of the Green Deal & ECO schemes
The judges will look at
1. what their customers have to say about them
2. what level of expertise the nominated company has in their field
3. What the nominated company has done that is exceptional
The List of Nominees 
Currently Nominated for this Award are:
Be Training Academy 
Easy Green Deal 
Energy Training Audit Services Ltd 
Energy Trust 
NW Training 
QMSA Ltd & EU Skills 
Stroma Certification
For further information on the award click here.