Green deal passes the 1000 mark!

The number of people agreeing to take up the government's Green Deal on home energy has now passed the 1,000 barrier.
Under the scheme, householders can borrow money to install double-glazing, insulation and more efficient boilers, and have the finance attached to their electricity bill.
The Department for Energy and Climate Change said 1,173 households had committed to taking part by the end of last month - up from 954 in September.
In March, Greg Barker famously said that if they didn't have in excess of 10,000 green deals in place by the end of 2013, then he wouldn't be able to sleep at night....May need to invest in some Nytol Mr Barker ! (other sleep helping products are available)
However, on the bright side, over a thousand green deals is none to shabby, but let's take a quick look at the actual figures...
Latest figures up to the end of October show that 219 households had their Green Deal work completed. So not actually 1000 then, but 5 times less!
So where has the one thousand figure come from ?
Well, 594 customers have signed up for it to be done,  and 360 have obtained a quote and indicated they "wish to proceed", so they are 'in the system', but not all complete.
The Department for Energy and Climate Change's figures show that 101,851 assessments were completed by the end of October. This was up from 85,177 at the end of September, which could perhaps be seen as a more positive sign.
My opinion (for what it's worth), is that this is a massive beast of a project to get off the ground, and unfortunately, any scheme which is slow to get moving is easy to throw things at, and it's all to easy to take a complete cynics view, but the upside is that at least it is now moving, and looking at the figures, however unimpressive, it is gaining in speed and momentum, which is undoubtedly a positive, so let's not dismiss it too early, as with a few tweaks here and there, and this scheme won't be far off being able to bring a completely new and attractive financing mechanism for our customers, and that can't be a bad thing.
Article by Andy Flook.