Green Deal plans increased to 883 in February

The number of completed Green Deal plans increased to 883 in February, up from 746 in January, according to the latest Government figures.

Under the Government's flagship energy efficiency scheme, 1,754 Green Deal Plans were in progress at the end of February, compared to 1,721 at the end of January.

The figures are far lower than Government expectations - energy minister Greg Barker has previously said he expected up to 10,000 plans signed by the end of 2013.

Green Deal assessments increased to 163,096 by the end of February, up from 145,098 in January.

The slow uptake of the scheme has seen industry and environmental groups heavily criticise the Government for not taking more action to improve progress.

UK-GBC is renewing its call for Government to step in to provide greater incentives to encourage uptake.

According to the GBC, variable Stamp Duty would "nudge homeowners" into taking action at the point of sale, consequential improvements would require energy efficiency work to be undertaken in building extensions and robust minimum energy standards will help to drive installations in the private rented sector.