Increase Green Deal Work with OSCAR Accreditation for Loft Insulation

Loft insulation is a key component of the 'whole house' approach that Green Deal Installers must now offer to home owners, as a consequence those installers who only install boilers are being excluded from actively pursuing' whole house' schemes. 

Most Gas Safe installers are experienced in installing loft insulation or posses relevant transferable skills. The On Site Competency Assessment Report (OSCAR) recognises such experience and skills through the on site assessment of installer competence.
The OSCAR is accepted by all Certification Bodies as proof of competence as required by PAS2030, this allows such installers to compete and respond much quicker to demand as the process is swift and less costly than the alternative route.
If Gas Installers are interested in being able to offer loft insulation as part of Green Deal to their own client base please geet in touch with