Energy & Utility Skills (EU Skills), the licenced sector skills council for gas, power, waste management and water industries, has created a Natural Gas Vehicle Network for employers in the sector.  

The network, which was launched in October 2013, has today published a comprehensive UK Market Review exploring The Role of Natural Gas in Road Transport.  The report reviews the role of natural gas in reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from road transport and provides a summary of key trends in vehicle growth and fuel demand. 

The report shows that  the UK commercial fleet and public services road vehicle markets have remained largely static over the last decade with some 3.9 million light goods vehicles (LGV’s), buses and heavy goods vehicles (HGV’s) accounting for 36% of road transport emissions.  Natural gas is an economic and environmental asset for the UK, gives rise to 20% lowerC02 emissions, improves air quality and is around half the price of oil. 

John Baldwin, Managing Director, CNG Services, “The number of buses and trucks that can run on natural gas is a major growth opportunity and now that gas vehicles are available in the UK a target of 5% penetration by 2020 is achievable and realistic.” 

“The announcement last week by the Chancellor that the differential between diesel and natural gas road fuel will be maintained for 10 years is a major breakthrough for the industry and will support investment in vehicles and filling stations, with significant reduction in CO2 and harmful emissions.”

In addition, the growth in Biomethane production offers an opportunity to further reduce the CO2 emissions from commercial vehicles and buses.

A key objective of the EU Skills NGV Network is to shape training and skills in the industry and since its launch, has created a steering group of key industry related people to manage the network and ensure members thoughts and opinions are addressed.  The network is planning a NGV Conference to take place early in 2014 to support businesses with an interest in the natural gas vehicle sector.

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