Natural Gas Vehicle Network supporting the growing industry

A new Natural Gas Vehicle Network (NGV Network) is supporting businesses operating in the sector and helping to grow the market for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) in the UK.
The NGV Network, which is led by Energy & Utility Skills (EU Skills), is promoting the benefits of NGVs, industry standards, and training initiatives to support development of the industry.  
The NGV Network aims to become a leading body of expertise on areas including fuel supply, natural gas storage, biomethane, natural gas conversions and alternative gas, including shale gas. 
The NGV Network was launched by Phil Burnett, Client Manager for Gas Networks, at EU Skills’ headquarters in Solihull, and is now actively seeking membership and support from businesses with an interest in NGVs. 
The UK has traditionally lagged behind many countries with established NGV markets. But with rising petrol and diesel costs, many businesses and consumers are now purchasing NGVs and converting vehicles to natural gas. 
With increasing interest in biomethane and shale gas, the UK market is anticipated to expand significantly. NGVs are also less polluting than conventionally fuelled vehicles.    
For further details about the NGV Network click here to visit the website.