Teams working in collaboration to address SME skills needs

As part of the SME Networks project led by Lucy Ritchie,  EU Skills is required to identify and fill six SME work placements across the gas and waste industries by the end of October, 2013.

To support SME employers in finding suitable candidates for the placements and to assist individuals in identifying the right placements, the SME Networks and IAG/ Sector Attractiveness teams have been working closely together to produce a Placement Toolkit.  The Toolkits include useful guidance for employers such as choosing the right candidate, example induction plans and support materials to guide them through preparing for the placement and induction. Guidance for individuals includes advice on how to find the right placement, template CVs and covering letters and information on applying for placements.

We are currently working with Solihull-based company, CNG Services Ltd who provide design, consultancy and project management services in relation to biomethane to grid and natural gas. CNG Services Ltd have agreed to pilot two placements which we will advertise on their behalf through the Brilliant Thinking website. Following the success of these placements, we plan to rollout a further six placements by the end of October and a total of 36 on completion of the project in October 2014.

This is a really exciting development for EU Skills and is a great example of how teams are collaborating across the business to meet the needs of our employers. If successful, we have the real potential to create a brand new product for EU Skills which will mean we can offer even more to our customers.

How can you help?
We are looking for further placements in the gas and waste management industries and these could come from the supply chain or SME businesses.

If you know of anyone who may be interested or if you have any questions about the placements, please get in touch with:

Lorraine Johnson, Project Manager – IAG/ Sector Attractiveness

Lucy Ritchie, Client Manager – SME Networks

or send an email to