Asda Logistics Services (ALS) has strengthened its commitment to reducing carbon emissions with the introduction of 50 dual-fuel Volvo FM tractor units at its newly opened distribution centre at, Asda Avonmouth, 

The new dual-fuel vehicles are the latest development in Asda Logistics Service’s (ALS) transport sustainability strategy following the fewer, cheaper miles policy to complement the greenest depot in the Asda estate.
Chris Hall, Head of Central Transport for ALS said that this is one element in an ongoing programme across the wider business, “Asda’s investment in the new distribution centre at Avonmouth and the roll-out of the 50 dual-fuel Volvos, is part of a planned programme of initiatives to deliver growth and sustainability by maintaining a 10% absolute carbon footprint reduction by 2015.
”Alternative fuels are an important part of our green agenda. When we take our longer trailer trials into account together with the Volvo dual-fuel trucks, we will be able to increase the volume of goods trunked while at the same time reducing vehicle miles and cutting emissions by 15% over five years.”
The retailer has already made great strides in terms of its own environmental performance, which has directly helped to lower operating costs and, in turn, provide lower prices for customers.
The Asda trucks will run on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and diesel. Working in partnership with BOC, Asda has invested in a dedicated LNG refuelling station at the Avonmouth site. The site is designed to minimise environmental impact and costs by the use of ‘zero loss’ refuelling technology.
Emphasising the importance of the Asda order and how Volvo see the future of Methane-Diesel, dual-fuel technology, Volvo Trucks UK Managing Director Arne Knaben added, “Volvo Trucks is very proud to be working with Asda as a strategic partner on Methane-Diesel, dual-fuel technology vehicles.
”In Volvo’s experience, the Methane-Diesel FM will typically save up to 10% on CO2 emissions, dependent on duty cycle. We firmly believe in our Methane-Diesel technology and liquefied gas as one of the most important, environmentally friendly, future alternatives to diesel in the short to medium term. Volvo Trucks has partnered with Asda on transport solutions for many years and we are very pleased to be working very closely together now to help Asda Logistics Services continue to reduce the environmental impact of its transport fleet.”