Case Study - Talent Bank Recruitment Service

CASE STUDY: Coventry and Solihull Waste Disposal Company recruits new staff with Talent Bank

Like many small businesses, recruiting new staff can be a real challenge.  With limited numbers of suitable applicants applying for each vacancy, finding the right candidate can be expensive and time-consuming

Coventry and Solihull Waste Disposal Company (CSWDC), is a West Midlands based independent business with a primary focus on extracting energy (heat and electrical power) from municipal and commercial solid waste.  Tightly controlled by UK and EU Regulations, a competent workforce is key and CSWDC places great emphasis on recruiting and developing staff to meet their high standards.
The Recruitment Challenge
Committed to recruiting quality staff, over the last five years CSWDC has recruited a number of Apprenticeships yet found the process both laborious and time consuming for their recruiting managers.  Having only received a limited number of applications in previous years CSWDC were eager to find an alternative approach to recruitment that would streamline the process and more importantly, improve the volume and quality of candidate applications.
The Solution
In response to the need to improve the recruitment and training process within the energy and utility sector, Energy & Utility Skills developed Talent Bank, a recruitment and training service that provides an end to end solution for small and medium sized businesses in the Gas and Waste sector.  Richard Gray, Managing Director at CSWDC used the Talent Bank recruitment service to fulfil his Apprenticeship requirements.  "Our business requires people with technical skills that are in very short supply and high demand in the open market.  We took the decision five years ago that we should invest in Engineering Apprenticeships to help us with our succession planning.  Although it may take up to 4 years to fully train a technician through the Apprenticeship route, our experience has been that the finished product is perfectly equipped to meet our needs and is a valuable asset to the business in the long term."
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