Get Involved

The Network is still fairly new, but it is growing by the day.  

We need your help to develop these Networks which will challenge, explore and address the common issues that you face as a small businesses. It’s your network; with your help it can reach its full potential. 

Your role:
  • To support us in assessing  our options in the delivery of the Network to set the right strategic direction for you as a small business
  • To deliver innovative answers to small businesses in the Network which will provide lasting business benefits
  • To provide long-term operational solutions to help small businesses recognise that skills investment will lead to business growth
  • Building a common, shared, simplified infrastructure for skills
  • Maximise the use of existing and future technology investments
  • Improve information exchange through working together
  • Supporting new delivery and communication channels
  • Deliver lasting outcomes that are sustainable
  • Transferring knowledge and expertise

When you join up, you'll be able to:

  • Deliver products and services that are co-produced
  • Develop further business opportunities through a wider market
  • Showcase your company, products and services on a dedicated Partner Page
  • Work with us on joint activities, promotions or marketing initiatives
  • Create client case studies
  • Feature on our website & present a Partner Showcase Webinar. 
Want to get involved?
To explore mutual benefits or share initiative ideas, email us now or call 07850 203755